* It was overwhelming to come in as strangers and leave as friends. An incredible total experience full of beauty and friendship.
N. P. and T. E. New Orleans, Louisiana

* The only place I will stay in Merida. Beautiful, quiet, private and very friendly hosts.
R.T. Fort Lauderdale, Florida

* Because of David & Jim, I purchased a house half a block away from Los Arcos. What great new friends and neighbors I have found in Mexico.
P.S Brooklyn, New York

* I came for two weeks, stayed a month. I will always feel like I have a second home in Merida.
J.W. Chesterfield, Virginia

* Jim and David really mean "our home is your home". We talked many hours in the kitchen during breakfast and late night by the pool over a beer or two. Thank you for your most gracious hospitality.
B.S. Oakland, California

* I have never felt so welcome. Lovely home, great hosts ... oh, and that bed, the best sleep I have had in years. See you again in November. SAVE MY ROOM !
T.E St. Louis, Missouri

* We loved the freedom to swim late at night after a night on the town. Great music selection.
R.L. & P.H. Calgary, Canada

* The first place I actually felt comfortable sleeping with my windows and doors open ... what a treat. Thanks for a very special time.
W.S. & C. S. Vancouver, B.C.

* Thanks for such for a wonderful stay. May each visitor take with them some of the same memories I have from my stay. I feel sure they will.
K. D. Boston, Mass

* The most beautiful home I have ever seen ... anywhere. What gracious hosts.
D.N. New Hampshire

*an elegant colonial city offering easy access to the archeological Mayan ruins

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